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What should we expect?

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About the experts

The future of the data center landscape

With incredible insights from our leaders, we dive into what the future holds for the data center industry over the next five years.

Here’s something that comes at no surprise — there’s going to be some growing pains. But, there’s also going to be exciting opportunities for the industry to advance like never before in:

  • Sustainability
  • Density
  • Cooling tech
  • Design
  • And more...

Hear what our experts have to say in our exclusive eBook: “5 Things to Expect in Data Centers Over the Next 5 Years.”

Rob Pfleging

Chief Executive Officer & President

Rob has over 20 years of experience serving the data center industry across several major companies. With experience in global solutions, operations, engineering, asset management, and logistics, he paints a holistic picture for the future of data centers.

The industry is at a crossroads of sustainability and advancement

“The combination of data-hungry technologies such as AI, ML, IoT and 5G is making data centers more critical than ever to house servers that get more powerful with each generation.

In addition, climate change has made weather patterns unpredictable, forcing data centers to handle extreme weather and leading governments to watch how centers use diminishing resources…”


Patrick Quirk

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick has specialized in operations management, strategic partnerships, and technology leadership in data center, telecommunications, software, and semiconductor markets for over 30 years. He showcases the technological changes the industry must face.

Kindra Martone

Chief Revenue Officer

Kindra has served in a wide range of executive and sales leadership roles in the technology industry for more than 20 years. Her expertise shines on the opportunities the industry has to improve sustainability.

Regulate or
be regulated
Design for Efficiency
Prioritization of Sustainability
The Demise of Legacy Data Centers
Density Goes Up, Liquid Cooling Is In

Are you ready for the next five years?

There are short term and long term changes the industry needs to face as soon as possible. Between rapidly compounding density with the explosive growth of high performance compute and climate emergencies across the globe, we have a responsibility to take the first steps into the future.

Find out what to expect in “5 things to expect in data centers over the next 5 years.”